Otevírací doba prosinec 2016


pátek 23.1210:00 - 19:00
sobota 24.12zavřeno
nedělě 25.12zavřeno
pondělí 26.12zavřeno




Běžná otevírací doba


pondělí10:00 - 19:00
úterý10:00 - 19:00
středa10:00 - 19:00
čtvrtek10:00 - 19:00
pátek10:00 - 19:00
sobota10:00 - 19:00
neděle10:00 - 19:00



  • Attendant programs for children parties
  • There´s no lack of fun in our centre. But if you would like to fill your party with some additional programme, do not hesitate to contact us. On demand we are able to arrange Facepainting, Airbrush tattoo, Magician, Clown etc.

  • Balloons are really grateful gift and perfect as a decoration. In this occasion you can usem them as a small gift or as a decoration of your party place.
    Price: 50,- CZK / 1 balloon filled with helium
                30,- CZK / 1 balloon filled with air
  •           250,- CZK   balloon number
  • Great and funny entertainment for kids and adults as well! Try it and do your party unforgettable for you and all your friends.
    Price on request (in an hour you get around 10 great facepaintings)


       Black, color or glittery tattoos for everyone at your party…

       lets make some         fun!!

       Price on request (in an hour you get around 20 black/color tattoos

       or around 10 glittery tattoos)



      Combination of programs includes 1 hour or facepainting or aibrush and

      other 30 mins. of balloon modeling for kids.    

      Price on request



      Modern magiciand and illusionist. His show can be combination of tricks and   

      entertainment for smallest groups and ages where the artist makes his magic with

      kids together then he makes great balloon modeling. Or his entertainment

      for larger

      groups or adults can present you big illusions and magic tricks same as

      table tricks

      where you see everything so close you feel there is nothing that could surprise

      you....but think what?! And there can be much more of that.

      Price on request / aprox. 45min.



      Professional actor or actress and his/her funny entertainment in clown costume. 

      All children spectators can be involved in this show and the programme is

      topped off

      with balloon modelling where every kid gets its own one. So if you are looking for

      great interactive funny programme for your kinds, this is definitelly the right one! 

      Price on request / aprox. 30 - 40min.


  • Other programs on request, price is based on duration and type of program,

  • mix of different programs available




Dolnoměcholupská 209/17
Praha 10, Hostivař

Odpovědný vedoucí: Kamila Lacinová
e-mail: info@koalacafe.cz
tel.: 212 241 171
Narozeninové oslavy oslavy@koalacafe.cz


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